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    Visit Barkmate's Facebook Page

    PO Box 5790
    Brendale QLD 4500

    Barkmate is a line of automatic citronella spray training collars that works on four of your dog's five senses; they see, hear, smell, and feel the spray with each correction. When your dog barks, the collar picks up on the unique sounds coming from the dog's throat and activates a warning beep. If your dog continues to bark, the collar will then issue a quick, sharp spray towards the dog's lower muzzle, making it either distracting or uncomfortable for them to continue barking at what originally had their attention.

    Region: Queensland, Australia
    Categories: Pet Supply Manufacturers, Barking Collars

    Casey Jones Bones / Dog Bonery, The

    Casey Jones Bones / Dog Bonery, The

    Visit Casey Jones Bones / Dog Bonery, The's Facebook Page

    PO Box 16128
    Hooksett, NH 03106
    (603) 520-8770

    The Dog Bonery provides all natural dog treats made in small batches with all wholesome ingredients. No artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. Just pure natural goodness. Our treats are available in 5 delicious flavors: pumpkin, peanut butter, carrot, cheese, and herb.

    Casey Jones' All Natural Paw Balm is a must to soothe your dog's cracked and dry paws. Casey Jones' Paw Balm is made with bees wax, olive oil, avocado oil and tea tree oil.

    Casey Jones' All Natural Coffee Soap - this is a glycerin soap made with decaffeinated coffee and scented with essential oils. Why coffee? Coffee is a natural de-odorizer.

    Enter you dog in our Dog of the Month contest.

    Pound for pound the best bone around.

    Region: Merrimack County, New Hampshire
    Categories: Pet Supply Manufacturers, Dog Treats



    227 Bellevue Way NE #122
    Bellevue, WA 98004
    (877) 814-7497

    DERMagic is an all natural product that offers relief for dog skin allergies and dog skin problems.

    Region: King County, Washington
    Categories: Pet Supply Manufacturers, Online Shopping

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    Midwest Homes for Pets

    Midwest Homes for Pets

    PO Box 1031
    Muncie, IN 47308
    (800) 428-8560

    Midwest Homes for Pets builds and produces some of the nation's best pet containment systems, like dog crates, dog kennels, dog exercise pens, soft sided carriers, cat playpens, vehicle barriers, bird cages, grooming tables, and pet homes.

    Region: Delaware County, Indiana
    Categories: Pet Supply Manufacturers, Dog Houses / Fences




    Brand official website.

    Region: United States
    Category: Pet Supply Manufacturers



    PO Box 201
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60009-0201

    Picking up where your dog left off. Port-A-Poo is a hands-free sanitary solution to carrying your dogs waste while on a walk. It quickly and easily attaches to virtually any leash. It is available in five colors: black, red, royal blue, purple, and hot pink. Tell us what colors you'd like to see it in!

    Region: Cook County, Illinois
    Category: Pet Supply Manufacturers



    21802 Roosevelt Road
    Merrill, MI 48637

    Dog boots, raincoats and snowsuits by Shaggylamb.

    Region: Saginaw County, Michigan
    Category: Pet Supply Manufacturers



    5690 Dehesa Road
    El Cajon, CA
    (888) 903-9420

    As owners and breeders of Afghan Hounds and Whippets for over 40 years, we have produced over 200 AKC Show Champions. Our own pet needs led us on a quest to develop superior pet products (e.g., shampoos, conditioners and pet food supplements, and pet bed lounges) that we have offered for over 27 years. Summerwinds products are used by some of the world's top winning show dogs, horses, and cats.

    Region: San Diego County, California
    Categories: Afghan Hound Breeders, Whippet Breeders, Pet Supply Manufacturers, Dog Supplements

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    Warren London

    Visit Warren London's Facebook Page

    27 London Terrace
    New City, NY 10956
    (845) 304-4870

    Warren London is a US manufacturer of dog spa and grooming products. All of our products are all natural, and we have many unique solutions to so many of our dogs' problems. We make one of the top dog nail polishes in the industry along with a full line of shampoos, lotions, and more!

    Region: Rockland County, New York
    Categories: Pet Supply Manufacturers, Online Shopping

    Yorkies of Walnut Hill

    Yorkies of Walnut Hill

    Visit Yorkies of Walnut Hill's Facebook Page

    Lebanon, MO 65536

    We are a small breeder of AKC Yorkies. We usually have puppies for sale. We also make and sell our own exclusive Yorkie shampoo.

    Registries: AKC - American Kennel Club, ACA - American Canine Association
    Region: Laclede County, Missouri
    Categories: Yorkshire Terrier Breeders, Pet Supply Manufacturers


    Tallahassee, FL 32309
    (866) 627-6284
    (850) 325-6284

    One step cleaning solution. Are you looking for a way to slash your kennel cleaning costs? Wysiwash disinfects, sanitizes, cleans and deodorizes dog kennels and equipment. The unit attaches directly to the end of a garden hose or pressure washer and quickly kills Canine Parvo virus, Corona Virus, Distemper, Rabies, bacteria and other dog related diseases while controlling mold, algae and fungus.

    Region: Seminole County, Florida
    Categories: Pet Supply Manufacturers, Vet Supplies

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