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    PO Box 5790
    Brendale QLD 4500

    Barkmate is a line of automatic citronella spray training collars that works on four of your dog's five senses; they see, hear, smell, and feel the spray with each correction. When your dog barks, the collar picks up on the unique sounds coming from the dog's throat and activates a warning beep. If your dog continues to bark, the collar will then issue a quick, sharp spray towards the dog's lower muzzle, making it either distracting or uncomfortable for them to continue barking at what originally had their attention.

    Region: Queensland, Australia
    Categories: Pet Supply Manufacturers, Barking Collars

    Havahart Wireless

    Havahart Wireless

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    69 North Locust Street 
    Lititz, PA 17543
    (800) 800-1819
    (717) 626-2125

    Ultrasonic dog bark control trainers. The hand-held Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer's technology corrects dog misbehavior such as jumping on furniture and counters, nuisance barking, digging, and chewing. As the name implies, the Ultrasonic Basic Trainer works by emitting a loud ultrasonic sound that, while inaudible to you, is heard by and distracts your dog.

    Region: United States
    Categories: Dog Houses / Fences, Barking Collars

    Pet Control

    Pet Control

    Pet Control is a specialised company offering pet training advice and tools to all pet owners. We offer barking collars that could be the simple solution to give you peace & quiet.

    Region: Australia
    Category: Barking Collars

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