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    Chessie Central / Irish's Clover Leaf Kennel

    Chessie Central / Irish's Clover Leaf Kennel

    10082 N Vassar Rd
    Mt Morris, MI 48458

    Chesapeake Bay Retriever design clothing, limited edition prints, gifts, and photo gallery. Irish's Clover Leaf Kennel: Gary & Dorene Irish, Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeders.

    Region: Genesee County, Michigan
    Categories: Chesapeake Bay Retriever Breeders, Art

    Decorative Mailboxes

    Decorative Mailboxes

    You looking for an original gift! Manufactured and painted with by Michel Devost. The mailboxes are out of galvanized metal, and the decorative parts are painted with 3 coats of acrylic paint. Dimension without the decorative parts: (8-3/4 X 6-3/4 X 19 ) *** n.b. the support or post below the is not included. Here is the chance to put a personal mailbox at your house or to get an original gift to last for years to come.

    I happily ship to the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan.
    (Outside Canada & USA : add cost )

    Region: Quebec
    Categories: Dog Gifts, Art

    Midwest Border Collie Rescue - MWBCR

    Midwest Border Collie Rescue - MWBCR

    Visit Midwest Border Collie Rescue - MWBCR's Facebook Page

    We are dedicated volunteers who open our hearts, lives and homes to ensure the safety of Border Collies. We strive to provide quality care and shelter for abused, unwanted, and abandoned dogs. We evaluate them and place each into proper and permanent homes, aiming for the best possible match. We provide care and continuous training information with each Border Collie we place. It is our policy that adoptable Border Collies will not be euthanized due to lack of adoptive homes. Instead, we will keep the dog in our program as long as is necessary in order to find a suitable home. MWBCR provides educational services and advice to potential and current Border Collie owners with respect to breed characteristics, proper care, health, training, and behavioral issues.

    Region: Wisconsin
    Categories: Dog Gifts, Art, Border Collie Products, Border Collie Rescue Organizations, Books

    puppies for sale
    dog breeders
    Quilting Cove

    Quilting Cove - Puppy Listings!

    Jamestown, TN 38556
    (931) 403-7066

    Quality bred Shelties that are home raised.

    Quilts and other things made with YOUR award ribbons.
    Please visit my site and check them out!

    Registries: AKC - American Kennel Club, UKC - United Kennel Club
    Region: Fentress County, Tennessee
    Categories: Shetland Sheepdog Breeders, Art

    RD Ranch Barn Sale & Gift Shop

    RD Ranch Barn Sale & Gift Shop

    Visit RD Ranch Barn Sale & Gift Shop's Facebook Page

    P.O. Box 352
    Ione, CA 95640
    (209) 274-9967

    Mail order business specializing in unique country lifestyle items. We also offer Rat Terrier puppies.

    Region: Amador County, California
    Categories: Rat Terrier Breeders, Pet Supply Stores, Dog Gifts, Art

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