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    Debbie's Dream Siberians

    Debbie's Dream Siberians

    Harrah, OK 73045
    (866) 957-5572

    Registry: AKC - American Kennel Club
    Region: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
    Categories: Alaskan Malamute Breeders, Siberian Husky Breeders, Wolf-Dog Breeders

    Hybrid Wolf Puppies

    Hybrid Wolf Puppies

    Visit Hybrid Wolf Puppies' Facebook Page

    POB 1434
    West Point, CA 95255
    (209) 487-5173

    Lakota (female) is black and white with icy blue eyes. She is 50 percent Timber Wolf and Siberian Husky. Tyson (male) is an Alaskan Husky and has golden eyes.

    All of our pups are well socialized with people and small animals. They are started on a worming schedule at 2 weeks and on vaccines at 6 weeks. Pups are born indoors. They go to their forever homes with a Welcome Home Puppy Pack and vaccination records. We can offer door to door delivery to all of California, and shipping is also available. Please visit our web site for more info and photos, or email me with any questions.

    Region: Calaveras County, California
    Category: Wolf-Dog Breeders

    Northern California's Wolf Hybrid Ranch

    Northern California's Wolf Hybrid Ranch

    PO Box 93
    Etna, CA 96027
    (530) 990-2308

    Our wolf hybrids for sale are raised in a natural environment in a secluded woody terrain. Because of the close proximity to the house for all the sections of the wolf forest and the constant interaction with our family, our puppies are raised with contact and intimate socializing. The distinctive look and physical attributes of our mid-to-high content wolf pack sets our puppies apart from other breeders. Our unique setting allows the wolf dogs to run and play on large swaths of land. If you can't take the time to come by personally to meet the wolves, please visit our website to see more information about the pups and their family.

    Registry: CKC - Continental Kennel Club
    Region: Siskiyou County, California
    Category: Wolf-Dog Breeders

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