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    Patsy's Pups

    230 Lafayette St N
    Lafayette, AL 36862
    (334) 864-9595
    (334) 275-7978

    I breed Shih Tzu, Shichon, Yochon, and Yorkie Tzu puppies. The Yochon, Yorkie Tzu, and Shichon designer dogs are combined for the best quality of the breed of dog!

    I do not and will not ship my puppies! It is too dangerous for my puppies. If we can, we will meet you halfway to pick up your baby. I want to meet my puppy's owner face to face and know that this little being that I have loved is forever took care of and will not ever be neglected. I like to keep updated and make sure the puppy and owner are happy.

    The Bichon is a fluffy, little white dog that loves human company. It has an independent spirit and is intelligent, affectionate, bold, and lively. This charming, gentle dog is not a yapper. It has a self-assured, happy temperament that is easy to live with. These bright little dogs are easy to train and just plain old love everyone. They need people to be happy. They are naturally sociable and are happiest when they are part of a family that takes them everywhere. This sociable trait also means that they are fine in the company of other dogs & pets and are excellent with children. Used as watchdogs and to perform tricks.

    Also, Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as "Yorkies," offer big personalities in a small package. Though members of the Toy Group, they are terriers by nature and are brave, determined, investigative, and energetic.

    The Shih-Tzu is an alert, lively, little dog that is happy, hardy, and packed with character. The gentle loyal Shih-Tzu makes friends easily and responds well to consistent, patient training. They make a very alert watch dog. Courageous and clever. Playful and spunky, this affectionate little dog likes to be with people and is generally good with other pets.

    My adoption fees are $275.00 to $650.00. The puppies are wormed, have their tails docked, and begin paper training soon as they start walking! Each puppy comes with a one year health guarantee! Also, they leave with their own little "Welcome Home" bag to take with them (blanket, toy, etc.) I thank you so much for your business, and I wish each and every adopter a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for visiting my website. God Bless!

    Region: Chambers County, Alabama
    Categories: Shih Tzu Breeders, Shorkie Breeders, Shichon Breeders, YoChon Breeders

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