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    ACC Ranch

    ACC Ranch - Puppy Listings!

    Elbert, CO
    (303) 648-3553

    The F1 hybrid Poochon combines the more robust, oblong body of the Bichon with the intelligence of the Poodle, making a wonderful and happy companion. Depending on the color of the poodle parent, the variance can be wide. Most often white in color. They are active, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. Typically, this is an ideal dog for children. Their size and playful nature make them a family favorite.

    They get along well with other dogs, cats, and small animals. Regular brushing is important. Exercise need is moderate. The Poochon is quite easy to train, but he will enjoy time spent in obedience classes with his family. They have high obedience and high problem solving capacities. Indoor and outdoor activity is moderate. They will adapt to living in just about any environment. Because of their size, they make excellent dogs for apartments. Generally very healthy, the vigor instilled through this cross makes them less prone to some common ailments.

    Registry: CKC - Continental Kennel Club
    Region: Elbert County, Colorado
    Category: Bich-poo Breeders

    Rockridge Kennel

    Rockridge Kennel

    Macon, GA
    (478) 474-9040

    We have been breeding fine family pets for over 40 years and are well known for our Cockapoo, Schnauzer, Bichonpoo, and Schnoodle puppies.

    Registry: NACR - North American Cockapoo Registry
    Region: Bibb County, Georgia
    Categories: Miniature Schnauzer Breeders, Bich-poo Breeders, Cockapoo Breeders, Schnoodle Breeders


    Silver Creek, MS 39663
    (601) 886-7381
    (601) 954-9124

    Cockapoos, Schnoodles, and Bichonpoo puppies for sale.

    We have both toy and mini sizes of the Cockapoo. We also have Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies. The Poodle mixed breed dogs are very easy to train and hypo-allergenic. These dogs make great family pets. We give an excellent guarantee. Puppies will come with 2 sets of shots, health record up to date, and checked out by our vet. Parent dogs are beautiful, loving animals. Registered with AKC/APRI/CKC. Be sure to look at our past puppies. We also have a page for grown Cockapoo and Schnoodles. We have the true Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies.

    Region: Lawrence County, Mississippi
    Categories: Bich-poo Breeders, Cockapoo Breeders, Schnoodle Breeders

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    Puppy Perfection

    Smithtown, NY 11787
    (631) 830-5820
    (631) 334-3809

    Home bred and raised with love. Our puppies are all raised by my daughter and I in our home, as are the parents. From day 1, they are used to being held, played with, groomed, and loved. My puppies are my passion, and it is evident in the quality of the new puppy you will take home! All my puppies are loving, happy, playful, and good with kids. They will be your baby and your best friend for life. All my babies come with a 5 year congenital health guarantee and first shots, and they are vet checked twice. I am available 24/7 to assist you with your new puppy. My puppies are exceptional; come and see for yourself!

    Region: Suffolk County, New York
    Categories: Bich-poo Breeders, Labradoodle Breeders, Malti-Poo Breeders, Shih-Poo Breeders

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