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    Calle Juan Bonafe 21, Buzon 129
    El Reloj
    30628 Fortuna Murcia

    A small, established kennel breeding and showing Welsh Springer Spaniels for conformation and temperament. Formerly also breeding and showing Irish Red Setters and Irish Red and White Setters.

    Registry: FIC - Federation of International Canines
    Region: Spain
    Category: Welsh Springer Spaniel Breeders



    My name is Alina, and Aleksey is my husband. Both of us are animal lovers and huge Welsh Springer Spaniel fans. We live in a capital of a small Baltic country – Latvia, Riga.

    Our pets play a big role in our family. We spend all of our free time with them.

    Our first WSS Amigos Cilver was born in 2001, and he was from the first litter in Latvia. In 2008, my husband and I decided to take another puppy, so we went to a kennel in the Czech Republic called "od Nezarecke tune" to take home our second WSS Brita. Another important moment of that year happened on the 30th of August when 7 puppies were born from Amigos in a kennel in Poland called "Sedda"; one of those puppies, named Cila, went home with us.

    So now we live as a big and friendly family!

    Region: Latvia
    Category: Welsh Springer Spaniel Breeders

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