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    El Guerrouj Sloughies

    El Guerrouj Sloughies

    Cejkovicka 98/1
    15521 Prague
    +420 777 952 479

    The Sloughi Hound probably originates from the Orient, as the country of origin is marked as Morocco. The Sloughi has a typical Oriental appearance of a hunting dog. Her beauty is special and sober. Her aesthetic value is in perfect physique, elegant movement, and a typical dry muscle. The colours are sand slug (from light shades to reddish color) with or without a black mask, sand with a black overlay with a black jacket with or without color, and brindle. The Sloughi is very intelligent and proud. It is very affectionate and loyal to its master, but to strangers it is reserved. It is a very good guard dog. Its training is like a Greyhound, but somewhat more complicated. It is very sensitive to expressions of anger and physical punishment, sometimes acting shy and distrustful. The greatest success is with particularly infinite patience and a friendly, calm, and gentle approach to reward the slightest progress. If you give it regular, moderately long walks, at home it will be very quiet and a silent partner who does not need much more exercise than other breeds of the same size. It is very sensitive to lower temperatures.

    Registry: FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
    Region: Czech Republic
    Category: Sloughi Breeders

    Shi'Rayan Sloughis

    Shi'Rayan Sloughis

    Top winning Sloughis in America, racers, coursers, show dogs, companions, and puppies.

    Region: United States
    Category: Sloughi Breeders

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