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    Brightjack's Shortie Jacks

    (813) 677-8490
    (813) 992-0488

    Irish English short legged Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale. Exclusively raising broken rough coat shortie Jacks, EJRTCA / UKC shorty Jacks, and calm friendly companion shorties. Small private hobby breeder in Florida.

    Registries: UKC - United Kennel Club, EJRTCA - English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance, Inc.
    Region: Florida
    Category: Russell Terrier Breeders

    DBF Russell Terriers / Dog Branch Farm

    20560 Furr Road
    Round Hill, VA 20141
    (540) 554-4525

    Home-based small breeder of the old-fashioned, short-legged Jack Russell Terrier.

    Region: Loudoun County, Virginia
    Category: Russell Terrier Breeders

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