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    DesertRose Manchester Terriers

    DesertRose Manchester Terriers

    (702) 454-6841

    Manchester Terrier website with toy breed information, pictures, history, pictures faq, health issues, breeder information, puppies and adults.

    Region: Clark County, Nevada
    Category: Manchester Terrier Breeders

    Saint Lazar

    Saint Lazar

    1815 Gaissert Road
    Newborn, GA 30056
    (706) 468-0220

    Region: Jasper County, Georgia
    Category: Manchester Terrier Breeders

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    Ferme Ericlam Farm

    Mascouche QC J7K 3C3

    Elevages Spécialisées (58 CHAMPIONS) de Malamute d'Alaska, Terrier de Manchester Nain et de chevaux Pur-Sang Arabes.

    Specializes in the breeding (58 CHAMPIONS) of Alaskan Malamutes, Toy Manchester Terriers and Purebred Arabian horses.

    Region: Quebec
    Categories: Alaskan Malamute Breeders, Manchester Terrier Breeders

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