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      TAKAS Anatolian & Central Asian Shepherds

      TAKAS Anatolian & Central Asian Shepherds


      Stable, adaptable and capable Çoban Köpegi. Bred to work and excel in the Australian environment.

      Devoted owner of Anatolians for over 15 years, our sole objective is to maintain the integrity and preservation of this ancient Livestock Guardian.

      Takas Anatolians strives to preserve the ÇOBAN KÖPEGI of Turkey and celebrate its diversity and blood strains.
      We are uncompromising in the selection of breeding stock;
      Imported bloodlines regularly sourced.

      Takas breeds for excellence in temperament, conformation and working ability to produce intelligent, loyal companions; ideal for family or stock protection.

      Calm, stoic guardians of great strength and emotion; intolerant and implacable with strangers - gentle and loving with their family and those they know.

      Registry: FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
      Region: Victoria, Australia
      Categories: Anatolian Shepherd Breeders, Central Asian Shepherd Dog Breeders

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