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    AhavaPicaro Kennel

    AhavaPicaro Kennel

    Registry: AKC - American Kennel Club
    Region: South Carolina
    Categories: Havanese Breeders, Bolonka Breeders

    Bolognese of Phoenix

    5217 N 18th Place
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    (602) 266-9270
    (866) 925-4553

    Bolognese of Phoenix is a breeder of fine Bolognese, Bolonka, and BeBe puppies.

    Region: Maricopa County, Arizona
    Categories: Bolognese Breeders, Bolonka Breeders



    M. Vershinin str. 3-47


    Registry: FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
    Region: Russia
    Categories: Maltese Breeders, Bolognese Breeders, Bolonka Breeders

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    Faireland Kennels

    (856) 299-6028

    Region: New Jersey
    Categories: Havanese Breeders, Bolonka Breeders

    DeSagres Darlings

    Visit DeSagres Darlings' Facebook Page

    Lakewood, CO 80215
    (720) 301-6051

    We are passionate about our beautiful purebred Havanese and Bolonkas. We share our lives with our dogs, and they are cherished family members. We have a very selective breeding program... by breeding the very best Havanese and Bolonkas possible. Our dogs are health tested, and we breed only healthy dogs. Our motto is "We breed for Health, Temperament, and Type"!

    Registries: UKC - United Kennel Club, ARBA - American Rare Breed Association
    Region: Jefferson County, Colorado
    Categories: Coton de Tulear Breeders, Havanese Breeders, Bolonka Breeders

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