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    Akita Rescue of Western New York, Inc. - ARWNY

    Akita Rescue of Western New York, Inc. - ARWNY

    P.O. Box 428
    East Amherst, NY 14051
    (914) 747-4252

    ARWNY is a small group of volunteers covering a wide territory to save Akitas because we care about the breed. We are here to offer adoptions, health education, temperament information, and training guidelines for your Akita.

    Registry: ACA - Akita Club of America
    Region: Erie County, New York
    Categories: Akita Rescue Organizations, Akita Products

    Washington Akita Group, Inc. - WAG

    Washington Akita Group, Inc. - WAG


    We are a small group of concerned Akita people dedicated to the rescue and placement of orphaned Akitas in eastern and central Washington state, and occasionally through other areas of the Northwest.

    Region: Washington
    Category: Akita Rescue Organizations

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    Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona - AARTA

    Visit Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona - AARTA's Facebook Page

    (602) 882-5482

    AARTA is a 100% volunteer organization existing solely on donations. We work for Akitas who need our help in our spare time. All of our volunteers have pets, families, homes, and jobs of their own, and do this work simply for the love of the Akita breed.

    Region: Arizona
    Category: Akita Rescue Organizations

    Lone Star Akita Club of Houston

    Houston, TX

    Club dedicated to the Akita breed, through responsible ownership, public education, and rescue. Our website offers information on the breed as well as the latest news, events, and health developments.

    Region: Texas
    Category: Akita Rescue Organizations

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