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    Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue - AHCA Rescue

    Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue - AHCA Rescue

    4071 Gurnee Rd
    Westfield, PA 16950
    (877) AF-RESCU

    AHCA Rescue provides support, coordination, and financial assistance to a national network of volunteers. Our goal is to ensure that veterinary care, including spaying and neutering, temperament evaluations, foster placements, and loving, permanent homes are provided to homeless Afghan Hounds.

    Region: Tioga County, Pennsylvania
    Categories: Art, Afghan Hound Rescue Organizations, Afghan Hound Products

    Amoremia Afghan Hounds

    Amoremia Afghan Hounds

    An insight to the wonderful world of Afghan Hounds. Learn all about Afghan Hounds on our blog and shop for breed-related gifts and products.

    Categories: Blogs, Afghan Hound Products

    Dragonfly Afghan Hounds

    Dragonfly Afghan Hounds

    Monroe, CT 06468
    (203) 261-8650

    In our breeding program, we strive to produce healthy, sound Afghan Hounds who are strong competitors in the show scene as well as long-lived companion animals with confident, outgoing temperaments. To date, we have owned or bred 32 champions with several more promising youngsters and adults nearing the completion of their championship. Our Afghan Hounds have earned Specialty Best In Show honors and an Obedience High In Trial title as well as multiple lure coursing titles including a Best In Field.

    Registry: AHCA - Afghan Hound Club of America
    Region: Fairfield County, Connecticut
    Categories: Afghan Hound Breeders, Art, Afghan Hound Products

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