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    DarnFar Ranch

    DarnFar Ranch

    RR1 Box 114
    Brownstown, IL 62418
    (618) 427-3333

    Professional dog training and Border Collie puppies. Boarding and grooming also available.

    Region: Fayette County, Illinois
    Categories: Border Collie Breeders, Kennels / Boarding, Groomers, Dog Training, Videos / DVDs, Service Dog Trainers

    K9 Perceptions

    K9 Perceptions

    Visit K9 Perceptions' Facebook Page

    (904) 237-2044

    K9 Perceptions offers a wide array of dog training services. With K9 Perceptions' partnership with veterinarians, we are able to offer not only the best in mental health care but physical care too.

    Region: Toombs County, Georgia
    Categories: Trainers, Obedience Classes, Hunting Dog Trainers, Service Dog Trainers

    Robin's Dog Stars

    Robin's Dog Stars

    Lake Villa, IL 60046
    (847) 265-4597
    (847) 404-4205

    Dog and puppy training. Services offered where the dog trainer trains the owner to train their own service dog. Also, we do classes and entertain at parties for kids with our dogs. Forty tricks in 40 minutes.

    Region: Lake County, Illinois
    Categories: Trainers, Obedience Classes, Service Dog Trainers

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